Chapter 19 ZipSlack

Table of Contents
19.1 What is ZipSlack?
19.2 Getting ZipSlack
19.3 Booting ZipSlack

19.1 What is ZipSlack?

ZipSlack is a special version of Slackware Linux. It's an already installed copy of Slackware that's ready to run from your DOS or Windows partition. It's a basic installation, you do not get everything that comes with Slackware.

ZipSlack gets its name from the form it's distributed in, a big .ZIP file. Users of DOS and Windows will probably be familiar with these files. They are compressed archives. The ZipSlack archive contains everything you need to get up and running with Slackware.

It is important to note that ZipSlack is significantly different from a regular installation. Even though they function the same and contain the same programs, their intended audiences and functions differ. Several advantages and disadvantages of ZipSlack are discussed below.

One last thing, you should always review the documentation included in the actual ZipSlack directory. It contains the latest information regarding installation, booting, and general use of the product.

19.1.1 Advantages

  • Does not require repartitioning of your hard disk.

  • Great way to learn Slackware Linux without stumbling through the installation process.

19.1.2 Disadvantages

  • Uses the DOS filesystem, which is slower than a native Linux filesystem.

  • Will not work with Windows NT.