19.2 Getting ZipSlack

Obtaining ZipSlack is easy. If you have purchased the official Slackware Linux CD set, then you already have ZipSlack. Just find the CD that contains the zipslack directory and place it in your CD-ROM drive. It's usually the third or fourth disc, but always trust the labels over this documentation as the disk it resides on is prone to change.

If you want to download ZipSlack, you should first visit our “Get Slack” web page for the latest download information:


ZipSlack is part of each Slackware release. Locate the release you want, and go to that directory on the FTP site. The latest release directory can be found at this location:


You'll find ZipSlack in the /zipslack subdirectory. ZipSlack is offered as one big .ZIP file or floppy-sized chunks. The chunks are in the /zipslack/split directory.

Don't stop at just the .ZIP files. You should also download the documentation files and any boot images that appear in the directory.

19.2.1 Installation

Once you've downloaded the necessary components, you'll need to extract the .ZIP file. Be sure to use a 32-bit unzipper. The size and filenames in the archive are too much for a 16-bit unzipper. Examples of 32-bit unzippers include WinZip and PKZIP for Windows.

ZipSlack is designed to be extracted directly to the root directory of a drive (such as C: or D:). A \LINUX directory will be created that contains the actual Slackware installation. You'll also find the files necessary to booting the system in that directory as well.

After you've extracted the files, you should have a \LINUX directory on the drive of your choosing (we'll use C: from here on).