Chapter 3 Installation

Table of Contents
3.1 Getting Slackware
3.2 System Requirements
3.3 Partitioning
3.4 The setup Program

Before you can use Slackware Linux, you'll have to obtain and install it. Getting Slackware is as easy as purchasing it or downloading it for free over the Internet. Installing it is also easy as long as you have some basic knowledge about your computer and are willing to learn a few other things. The installation program itself is very much a step-by-step process. Because of this, you can be up and running very quickly. In fact, Slackware boasts one of the lowest installation times of any full-featured Linux distribution.

3.1 Getting Slackware

3.1.1 The Official Disc and Box Sets

The official Slackware Linux CD set is available from Slackware Linux, Inc. The CD set consists of 4 discs. The first disk contains all the software needed for a basic server install, and the X window system. The second cd is a “live” cd; that is, a bootable cd that installs into RAM and gives you a temporary installation to play around with or do a data or machine rescue. This cd also contains a few packages such as the KDE and GNOME desktop environments. A few other goodies are included on the second cd including many non-vital packages in the “extra” folder. The third and fourth CDs contain the source code to all of Slackware, along with the original edition of this book.

One may also purchase a boxed set that includes the 4 discs and a copy of this book, as well as lots of neat Slackware gear to show off your geek pride. CD subscriptions are available at a reduced rate also.

The preferred method for shopping for Slackware merchandise is online at the Slackware store.

You can also call or e-mail your order in.

Table 3-1. Slackware Linux, Inc. Contact Information

Method Contact Details
Telephone 1-(925) 674-0783
Postal 1164 Claremont Drive, Brentwood, CA 94513

3.1.2 Via the Internet

Slackware Linux is also freely available over the Internet. You may email in your support questions, but higher priority will be given to those who have purchased the official CD set. With that said, we get a lot of e-mails and our time is rather limited. Before e-mailing for support consider reading Chapter 2 first.

The official Slackware Linux Project website is located at:

The primary FTP location for Slackware Linux is:

Bear in mind that our ftp site, while open for general use, does not have unlimited bandwidth. Please consider using a mirror near you to download Slackware. An incomplete list of mirrors can be found on our site at