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The Book

2012-08-17 New Slackbook, New License

We're progressing on the new slackbook and have finally settled on a license, the Creative Commons Attribution Share and Share-Alike license. You can find a copy of it in the COPYING file once you've pulled our latest git tree. Additionally, the beta has been updated. Feel free to browse it and send in any patches.

In order to tide you over a little bit and to solicit feedback on improvements from the community, I've posted a beta online here. Please send all comments, criticisms, suggestions, fixes, additions, and the like to me via e-mail. The book currently does not have an official license, but will likely be CC Non-commercial (with a commercial exception for Slackware Inc. of course).

If you want to take a look at the Docbook source code and send in some patches, you can grab the latest version from git with:

darkstar:~$ git clone git://

What's it all about?

This website is the home of the Revised Slackware Book Project (the project).

The regulars on alt.os.linux.slackware (a newsgroup) have been discussing the revision of "The Book", otherwise known as "Slackware Linux Essentials - The Official Guide To Slackware Linux", created by David Cantrell, Logan Johnson & Chris Lumens.

This website is the result of that project. So far it's been a long and grueling project with lots of struggles as we all have jobs and other volunteer work, and let's face it, documentation isn't fun. :^) All the content here is licensed with the Gnu General Public License version 2.

Should you be willing to contribute to this endeavor whether with your own personal writing or by pointing out errors and corrections, you can send me an e-mail at the address alan at lizella dot net (e-mail munged and not linked because spammers have been harvesting e-mails from here for some time).

Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Slackware is a registered trademark of Slackware Linux, Inc. and Patrick Volkerding.