13.6 The Secure shell

Today, secure shell basks in the adoration that telnet once enjoyed. ssh(1) allows one to make a connection to a remote machine and execute programs as if one were physically present; however, ssh encrypts all the data travelling between the two computers so even if others intercept the conversation, they are unable to understand it. A typical secure shell connection follows.

% ssh carrier.lizella.net -l alan
The authenticity of host 'carrier.lizella.net (' can't be
RSA key fingerprint is 0b:e2:5d:43:4c:39:4f:8c:b9:85:db:b2:fa:25:e9:9d.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes
Warning: Permanently added 'carrier.lizella.net' (RSA) to the list of
known hosts.
Password: password
Last login: Sat Nov  6 16:32:19 2004 from
Linux 2.4.26-smp.
alan@carrier:~$ ls -l MANIFEST 
-rw-r--r--  1 alan users 23545276 2004-10-28 20:04 MANIFEST
alan@carrier:~$ exit
Connection to carrier.lizella.net closed.

There you see me making an ssh connection to carrier.lizella.net, and checking the permissions on the MANIFEST file.